IIN cutting edge research is nurtured in an environment steeped in a long-standing tradition of interdisciplinarity.

This tradition has enabled the >190 faculty members and >550 graduate students from the sciences, engineering, and medicine working under the IIN umbrella to pool their diverse educational backgrounds toward a united goal - finding solutions to some of the major challenges facing our society today.

IIN research has broad and far-reaching applications and IIN researchers are focused on ensuring that new technologies developed at the Institute (>900 to-date) are moved from the laboratory to the marketplace efficiently. Thus far over 200 products and systems developed under the IIN have been commercialized worldwide and 21 companies have been successfully launched based on IIN technologies and have generated over $700 million in venture capital.

Diagnostics and therapeutics
research areas Clean Environment Solutions
Remediating pollution, clean manufacturing processes

Materials and Devices
New superior materials for many applications, including
electronics, photonics, etc.

Food and Water
Clean water, enhanced food safety, storage, and nutritional value
Energy Solutions
Alternative energy, more efficient
storage and distribution
Security and Defense
Cyber, homeland, and personal