In today’s competitive business environment, industry often finds it necessary to cut back on R & D funding. Yet the need for a leading technological edge remains undiminished.

University researchers and industry have critical resources to offer one another, and the Nanotechnology Corporate Partners program (NCP) creates that linkage. NCP participants benefit from ongoing multi-level interaction with faculty, staff, and students, thereby strengthening their relationships with one of the world’s leading centers for nanotechnology research. They gain exposure to a broad spectrum of applications and interact with a pool of highly talented and well-educated potential employees. As a member of the NCP program your organization receives a variety of participation options, allowing you to pursue those of greatest relevance to you.

Some of the membership benefits include:

  • Invitations to participate in Institute events, including the IIN Symposium, seminars, special events, and annual meetings. Explore the multi-faceted nature of nanotechnology through interdisciplinary team presentations, or learn about the latest commercially available technologies presented through the Small Business and Entrepreneur's Evaluation (SBEE) program.

  • Individual interactions with faculty to explore current research strategies and identify potential overlaps with your business goals.

  • Named Fellowships for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with options to provide input on research objectives.

  • Point-of-contact with the on-campus Industrial Liaison.

  • Access to state-of-the-art centralized research equipment.

  • Networking opportunities with other industrial partners who are expanding investment in nanotechnology.

  • Recruitment possibilities from a pool of talented graduate students and post doctoral researchers.

  • Representation on Technical Advisory Board to assess progress and provide input and advice on research directions.

Exploring your options

We look forward to working with each interested company individually to find the specific mechanisms that will be most beneficial.

If you would like to explore ways that the NCP program could benefit your company, please contact Industrial Liaison Sarah Hurst, PhD at (847) 467-4937 or by email.